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How to choose the screw of injection molding machine?


For an injection molding machine, the screw is a very i […]

For an injection molding machine, the screw is a very important component. In the operation of the equipment, it can play many roles, including melting, compacting, stirring, and applying pressure to the plastic. These processes require the use of all screws Rotation is completed in the barrel, so this accessory must be a good choice.

Generally, the design of the screw of the injection molding machine should be reasonable, because when the screw rotates in the barrel, the plastic and the plastic, as well as the plastic and the screw and the barrel will produce friction with each other, so the choice of the injection molding machine screw is very important. If the produced plastic is heavier in weight, then a screw with a larger diameter should be selected, otherwise a smaller diameter can be selected.

In addition, it is necessary to judge the requirements of the "injection pressure" and "screw compression ratio" of plastics. Some plastics need to be used in engineering, so the injection pressure is relatively high. When selecting the screw, you also need to choose those injection pressure and screw compression ratio are more appropriate Only can the product have a good molding effect.

Finally, you need to understand the injection speed of the screw. Some plastic products require high injection speed to make the product stable, and sometimes need to be equipped with a pressure accumulator, closed loop control, etc. to ensure the product's Good quality.

Generally speaking, if other conditions remain unchanged and the screw can provide high injection pressure, the injection speed is relatively low, otherwise, the injection speed is high. Therefore, when the manufacturer chooses the screw of the injection molding machine, it is necessary to consider the injection quantity, injection pressure and injection speed according to the actual use.