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How to improve the production efficiency of screw barrel


The screw of the injection molding machine is an import […]

The screw of the injection molding machine is an important part of the plasticizing part of the injection molding machine. The quality of the screw barrel is of vital importance for improving the quality and quantity of the products molded by the injection molding machine.

How to improve the production efficiency of screw barrel

Methods for improving screw barrel production efficiency:

Improving production efficiency is one of the important goals of the development of a new co-rotating twin-screw extruder. It can be achieved by increasing the screw speed, enhancing the plasticizing and mixing capabilities. At the same screw speed, increasing the depth of the screw groove can greatly increase the delivery volume. Correspondingly, the plasticizing and mixing capacity of the screw is also increased, which requires the screw to withstand greater torque. At high screw speeds, the residence time of the materials in the extruder is reduced, which may make the materials plasticized, melted, and mixed insufficiently. For this reason, it is necessary to increase the screw length appropriately, which in turn inevitably leads to an increase in the actual load torque and power of the twin screw extruder. Increasing the free volume of the screw groove is also an important factor.

In the feeding section and devolatilization section, it is very necessary for the screw element to have a large free volume. For bulk materials, increasing the free volume of the feeding section and the degree of filling of the material in the screw groove can greatly improve the production of the extruder ability. To increase the torque and speed, the deceleration distribution box needs to be carefully designed. To greatly increase the torque index of the equipment, it will definitely put forward higher requirements on the design and manufacturing level of the transmission box. The higher the torque, the higher the design, manufacturing accuracy, material strength and heat treatment requirements of gears, output shafts, bearings and other parts in the transmission box. higher. Because the free volume of the screw element is to be increased, the center distance between the two screws will be reduced when the screw outer diameter is unchanged, which will make the problem of insufficient installation space for the matching gear and thrust bearing become more prominent.