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What are the factors that affect the plasticization of the barrel screw?


The main factors affecting the quality of the barrel sc […]

The main factors affecting the quality of the barrel screw plasticization are: aspect ratio, compression ratio, back pressure, screw speed, barrel heating temperature, etc.

1. Length-diameter ratio: the ratio of the length of the screw to the diameter of the screw in the reasonable work of the screw.

2. Compression ratio: It is the ratio of the last screw groove depth 1 of the feeding section to the first screw groove depth 1 of the measurement verification section.

3. Back pressure. Increasing the back pressure can increase the screw's work on the molten resin, eliminate unmelted plastic particles, and increase the density and uniformity of the raw materials in the tube. The back pressure is used to increase the temperature of the barrel, and its effect is most obvious. Back pressure is too high, it is easy to decompose for high heat-sensitive plastics, and back pressure may occur for low viscosity plastics.

4. The speed ratio of the screw and the rotation speed of the screw immediately endanger the shear of the plastic in the spiral groove.

5. The electric heating temperature is set to melt the cold and hard plastic staying in the barrel and the screw to facilitate the rotation of the screw, and show the plastic to get the heat required for melting.